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10 digital trends set to shape Wealth Management in the Middle East by 2025

10 digital trends set to shape Wealth Management in the Middle East by 2025

White paper – Q2 2021

Based on our conversations with financial institutions, researchers and industry experts within the Middle East, this white paper reviews what are emerging as the ten key digital trends in wealth management set to shape the region by 2025, ranked by business impact and adoption priority.

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Buy to build WealthTech additiv 2021

A time to build WealthTech – Enabling you to build your own Wealth Management-as-a-service

White paper – Q1 2021

This report uncovers a completely new approach to buying and building enterprise software: Buy to Build. This enables IT teams within financial institutions to remain autonomous, but avoid the lengthy and costly process of building the foundational elements of an end-to-end wealth management system.

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Wealth Management 2021 Predictions Report (5)

Wealth Management 2021 Predictions Report, with contributions from industry experts

White paper – Q4 2020

The pandemic has accelerated many of the structural trends already underway in wealth management. Looking to 2021, we asked many of the people shaping these transformations to offer their predictions for the year ahead. This report captures the essential signals to observe and act on.

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Omni-channel by design hybrid wealth management

Omni channel by design – A platform approach to delivering superior customer experience at scale

Flash note – Q4 2020

Find out why financial services companies need to create seamless and unified client / advisor experiences across user journeys and channels, using the power of technology to deliver highly personalized and engaging interactions at scale – whether by augmenting and empowering the role of advisors or putting these tools into the hands of clients.

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Capturing the mass affluent wealth management market opportunity

Flash note – Q3 2020

Helping clients form the habit of saving makes them resilient and enables their financial wellbeing. The pandemic has had unthinkable side effects on the world, which we are still processing as a society. Our fundamental needs bubbled to the surface with incredible speed, changing our habits dramatically.

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Moving from AuM to Assets under Intelligence

White paper – Q2 2020

This report looks at the societal and business implications of the pandemic, and what they mean for the wealth management industry. Even though we don’t yet know its shape, the pandemic will produce a sharp recession. For wealth managers, we expect a rapid acceleration in the rate of digitalization.

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What society needs from the financial sector – Now more than ever before

Flash note – Q1 2020

Everyone’s watching the upheavals across financial markets. Beyond industry insiders, people from all over the world look at the financial industry for signs of what their future might look like. The COVID-19 outbreak cut through the web of a global economy, forcing a sudden shift in trajectory.

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Becoming a Digital Wealth Leader: A Successful Transformation

White paper – Q1 2020

This report takes private banks and wealth managers through the steps needed to transform themselves into digital wealth leaders, including how to concretely: respond to evolving client needs, augment the role of client advisors and turn higher value-add into higher revenues.

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