At additiv we combine years of experience and domain expertise in the digital finance space together with our passion for technology, system design and creation to bring forth amazing solutions. While we are always looking for new technologies that help solve business problems, we also apply our experience in selecting only that which is of value and reliable. Our many years of fruitful partnership with leading technology enterprises like the Microsoft Gold Partner program, Orange and others gives us access to tools and knowledge, which helps sharpen our solution design and implementation.

Digital Finance Suite

additiv Digital Finance Suite (DFS) 4.0 is a major evolution step from previous DFS versions, building new features, enhancing existing ones, rebuilding others and re-engineering  weak parts. DFS 4.0 is developed using Microsoft .NET framework, modern UI frameworks such as React, relational DB (MS SQL Server) and NoSQL where appropriate.

“Our goal is to create and reuse best-of-breed technologies that empowers digital excellence and innovation, reduces time to market and improves your cost/income ratio.”

Scalable, Modular and Open Architecture

DFS 4.0 achieves scalability and modularity via modern micro services architecture and loosely coupled components. Opening DFS 4.0 for external consumers is achieved via our RESTful API for the service layer.


DFS 4.0 services exposes a modern, RESTful API that speaks the business domain language while ‘hiding’ the business logic complexity from the consuming systems.
RESTful is not just an architecture pattern, its part of our strategy for achieving an open, easy-to-use, maintainable and well performing system that can fit multiple scenarios.

Simplicity of a uniform and clear interface – allows multiple consuming channels and applications to interact with a single unified touch point

Freedom of UI technology – whether you work with our out-of-the-box UI solution or build your own, native or hybrid mobile apps; all work on the same API layer

Simplified integration – from existing client portals such as online banking solutions, backend and other systems (even if different locations) through standard API layer

“HTML5, React, AngularJS or other frameworks consuming RESTful API ensure great UX/UI design, state-of-art customer experience and low implementation cost.”

Security by Design

DFS 4.0 utilizes proven technologies to ensure that security is considered from the ground up.

Authentication – Strong / multi factor authentication utilizing (among others) signed tokens such as JWT and Hash-based Message Authentication Code (HMAC)

Sensitive data protection – Technologies like MS SQL “Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)” and one-way unique random salt for secrets are applied where applicable

Secure deployment – off-premise but on-shore hosting powered by Orange Business Services and strict zone concept and section separation by type of access

Technology is critical for security but not sufficient. additiv engineering ensures application security guidelines are practiced regularly by utilizing tools, development methodology and staff security awareness workshops and trainings.

We also conduct regular ‘friendly audits’ which include penetration tests and code reviews by external partners to continuously improve of solutions while ensuring an impartial review is conducted.

“We are committed to keep investing in our technology stack and help you bring direct finance experience for your clients.”

Extensibility & Integration

At additiv, we know that Systems Integration is never simple and so we applied our expertise to design an architecture that can face this challenge heads on.

The service oriented and modular architecture are important pieces of the puzzle. Furthermore, DFS utilizes domain driven, event based, messaging to bridge the gap between our standard services APIs and built-for-purpose custom services which facilities Extensibility and easier Integration from DFS to other systems thus solving the puzzle.

Digital Wealth Management Platform

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