Wealth Robo allows you to offer the same superior quality service as traditional advice with the efficiency of an automated approach offering self-service, remote chat with an advisor or via call-center, screen sharing and phone-in from anywhere, at anytime (24/7). This allows more clients to be reached for less without compromising relationships.

Now wealth management clients can easily invest lower value funds or decumulate their investible assets to support their instant or longer term financial plans.

Wealth Robo Advisor
drives wealth democratization
and easy future planning

Increase business opportunities, reach and efficiencies

Access new geographies and client segments: cost-effectively access previously financially unviable markets

Minimize attrition risks: retain clients and acquire next generation clients by avoiding the shift of available assets

Decrease client management overheads: encourage online and remote interaction, previously only available through a personal advisor

Increase client engagement: ensure services become central to a client’s financial affairs by enabling intelligence-driven interaction

Enhanced wealth management client experience

Ensure a continual personal touch: manage all products with person-to-person advice, self-service, or via call-center, screen sharing and phone-in from anywhere, at anytime (24/7)

Support savings goals: view investment simulations and guide savings decisions with thoughtful automation to encourage financial control and well-being

Offer advice when needed: continually monitor performance of portfolios and evolution of goals in real-time, with actionable alerts and associated advice

Offer more clients access to wealth products: support the democratization of wealth by giving wider client segments, with lower investable assets, access to the same products as HNWIs

additiv customers client success Commonwealth Bank Indonesia

How additiv helped
Commonwealth Bank Indonesia

Commonwealth Bank Indonesia wanted to provide their customers with a better, more inclusive wealth management service. As one of the banks that has the biggest number of mutual funds holders, the bank looked for a solution to serve their customers in a standardized and efficient manner.

additiv enabled Commonwealth Bank Indonesia to be the first bank to launch a wealth management mobile app in Indonesia.

additiv customers client success Commonwealth Bank Indonesia

The ongoing power
of an Ecosystem

Once rolled out, our customers benefit from continuous technical, functional, and service upgrades. We also continue to co-innovate with our customers, designing and deploying changes according to constant cycles of building, testing and iteration.

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