“Enable a risk-centric value proposition”

Your most demanding clients expect the use of the best risk metrics, up-to-date, consistently applied to all their portfolios, near real-time. The Risk Analytics Dashboard allows you as an institution, a sales manager, or a relationship manager to perform a portfolio health scoring based on a multitude of configurable investment risk metrics. The analysis is possible for an individual client portfolio, the client book of an advisor, the client portfolio of an entire team and every organisational unit (market, country, region etc.). The dashboard view can be personalized based on roles and authorization level.

The Risk Analytics Dashboard makes bank-wide exposure management a reality. With highly sophisticated unbundling features for collective investment schemes (e.g. fund look-through, structured product unbundling etc.) it is possible to quantify exposure across counterparties, currencies, asset classes, industries, countries and regions. The impact of tactical and strategic asset allocation changes can be easily assessed and monitored.

  • Portfolio health scoring based on configurable risk metrics
  • Aggregate portfolios at different organisational levels (advisor, team, market, country, region etc.)
  • Personalized dashboard view based on roles and authorization level
  • Exposure management across counterparties, currencies, asset classes, industries, countries and regions

Faster and better Advice

Advice your prospects and clients faster and better with a cutting edge suite offering all relevant functionality with a compelling user experience.

Comprehensive Advice anywhere

Acquire prospects and serve clients in a modern way at the branch or any other place with an easy to use interface optimized for mobile devices.

More Business at lower Cost

Increase business volume and output with less input with the help of highly effective, efficient and yet compliant advisory processes and workflows.

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