“Enhancing collaborative interaction”

Your clients may partner with your financial institutions because of the quality of your advisors. They value a well-prepared advisor who provides relevant information and investment advice. Multi-channel advisory services with seamless handovers between face-to-face and digitally supported channels along all steps of the client journey are a must.

The Mobile Advisory Suite is a comprehensive, client-facing solution equipping your advisors with a powerful, digitally augmented dialogue to serve their clients better and faster in and outside the branch. If your target clients have a dedicated advisor, you want to make sure that every client meeting is effective, result driven and a positive experience for the client.

The Advisory Suite covers the entire client journey from the initial on-boarding process to the implementation of new investment ideas. All functions required to provide comprehensive investment advice for both the discretionary and the advisory business are included. Meeting preparation time will be significantly reduced and closing probability increased. With fully integrated end-to-end processes the post meeting workload for an advisor is much smaller.

  • On-boarding to wealth functionalities such as goal setting and investor profiling
  • Overview of investment opportunities (discretionary and advisory)
  • Real-time investment proposals and simulations
  • Portfolio monitoring (allocation and exposure reporting)
  • Performance overview and detailed contribution analysis
  • Analytics and key performance indicators
  • Market data and research
  • Secure messaging
  • Task Management

Faster and better Advice

Advice your prospects and clients faster and better with a cutting edge suite offering all relevant functionality with a compelling user experience.

Comprehensive Advice anywhere

Acquire prospects and serve clients in a modern way at the branch or any other place with an easy to use interface optimized for mobile devices.

More Business at lower Cost

Increase business volume and output with less input with the help of highly effective, efficient and yet compliant advisory processes and workflows.

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