“Keep overview of your finances”

Your clients may have cash balances, investment portfolios, retirement-savings and bank-assurance products with your institution. They expect to get an up-to-date and accurate overview at their fingertips.

The Investment Cockpit provides your existing wealth clients with a holistic view of all invested assets enriched with insightful performance analyses, risk metrics, analytics and contextual market data. The Investment Cockpit is suitable for all clients irrespective of their segment. It covers the basic case of a single-portfolio, single-instrument investor as well as the more sophisticated expectations of a demanding “High Net Worth Individual” who wants to monitor all his investments anytime, anywhere.

  • Portfolio monitoring and statements
  • Allocation and exposure reporting
  • Performance overview and detailed contribution analysis
  • Key performance indicators
  • Market data and research
  • Alerts and notifications

Comprehensive Wealth Aggregation

All relevant information across portfolios is aggregated in an easy-to-understand interface providing relevant insights and powerful drill-down capabilities.

Intelligent Investment Decisions

Basic portfolio and position information is augment with analytics and relevant market data and research to allow smart investment decision taking.

Informed 24/7

Mobile experience allowing clients to stay informed 24/7 about the development of their wealth and to identify and exploit investment opportunities.

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