Hybrid Wealth Manager offers a set of applications to manage investment and client relationships: Client Cockpit, Mobile Advisor and Workbench. These highly intuitive and engaging services provide advisor-assisted personalized advice, self-service access or a hybrid of the two. Utilizing our cloud-based DFS® system of intelligence, the applications are available in just 3 months.

Omni-channel by design

Our Hybrid Wealth Manager gives a rich and seamless customer experience across all client touchpoints. It empowers users to manage their investments through an intuitive Client Cockpit or work with their advisors through the Mobile Advisor app, as well as giving advisors a comprehensive suite of service and productivity tools with the Workbench.

Client Cockpit Hybrid Wealth Manager additiv wealth management software

Client Cockpit

Our Client Cockpit solution combines comprehensive self-service capabilities with rich engagement tools.

Simulate investment decisions: offer tools to project the impact of investment decisions on portfolios

Give complete clarity: show interactive views of product holdings and portfolio performance

Offer added value: present personalized content and idea generation

Enable one-click client consent: offer quick and easy advisor proposal consent

Provide quality communication tools: offer real-time, secure and collaborative advice at anytime, from anywhere

Mobile Advisor Hybrid Wealth Manager additiv wealth management software

Mobile Advisor

Our Mobile Advisor application offers all the tools and functions needed to support advisors ‘on the go’. Reinforcing the direct advisory role, it allows relationship managers to maintain their personal relationship without losing productivity.

Increase productivity: ensure relationship managers remain productive and focused on key tasks

Support collaboration: offer in-person, remote advisor and client conversations through a multitude of channels

Provide guidance anytime: enable advisors to walk through proposals, optimizations and simulations in real-time

Mobile Advisor Hybrid Wealth Manager additiv wealth management software
Workbench Hybrid Wealth Manager additiv wealth management software


Our Workbench solution enables quick and easy configuration; merging client relationship management and portfolio management services

Increase efficiencies and service quality: enhance advisor customer service, productivity and performance alongside Mobile Advisor

Offer a complete solution: access CRM, portfolio management, order management, content management, management information and analytics

Provide a multi-function hub: manage and supervise all advisor tasks, activities and communications

Hybrid Wealth Manager
unlocks a financial institution’s potential

Manage multiple client segments

Service different customer types (discretionary, advisory) from the same platform

Strengthen client loyalty

Offer high quality and consistent advice through any channel, available 24/7

Launch new products faster

Easily configure and roll-out products and services with product builder tools

Boost engagement

Increase cross-sales with interactive goals, personalized content and secure chat

Grow wallet share

Serve up relevant proposals via the integrated prospect management and rules engine

Gain valuable insights

Analyze client behavior, track processes and operational performance

Omni-channel by design hybrid wealth management

Omni channel by design
Superior customer experience in wealth management

Learn how we enable wealth managers worldwide to engage, manage and grow their customer base by using the leading omni-channel wealth management platform.

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Omni-channel by design hybrid wealth management

How additiv helped
PostFinance enter the digital
wealth management market

In May 2020, PostFinance AG, one of the largest banking institutions in Switzerland, went live with Hybrid Wealth Manager.

Since then, 800,000 of its clients have access, on a self-service or advisory basis, to broad range of digital investment services. Onboarding takes less than 10 minutes, after which customers are free to manage their investments anywhere and anytime.

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