“Affordable access to financial investments”

Your clients wish to accumulate assets for a specific goal, e.g. own retirement or buying a house. You as a financial institution like to have a share of this globally growing market and you want to offer a digital investment platform to meet the clients’ needs in a cost-efficient manner.

The Robo Advisor is a digital wealth management solution for self-service investors seeking easy access to financial products at affordable prices. Depending on your requirements, the regulatory framework and the target client segment, the user journey and the detailed offering is looking different. We distinguish between three main scenarios:

1. Wealth Management Robo
2. Next Generation Robo
3. Wealth Inclusion Robo.

  • Client landing page including value proposition (web app or native app)
  • Client goal setting (single or multiple)
  • Investor profiling (MiFID II compliant process: suitability and appropriateness, risk profiling, financial situation)
  • Model portfolio selection and customization and/or instrument selection, depending on the offering (discretionary vs. advisory)
  • Offer acceptance and order generation
  • Client on-boarding to bank process (for new clients)
  • Funding and offer implementation
  • Portfolio monitoring and reporting (statements, performance, key indicators)
  • Portfolio maintenance (re-balancing, top-up and withdrawal, client profile management etc.)
  • Alerts and notifications

End-to-end do-it-yourself Investing

A comprehensive solution including all required functionality for a true end-to-end experience for both discretionary and advisory based investing models.

Optimized Mobile Experience

Easy-to-use and modern user interface delivering a great mobile 24/7 investment experience with access to key portfolio information and relevant functionality.

Cost-effective intelligent Investing

Goal-based investment approach with rich ETF and mutual funds universe with a modern portfolio theory applied to achieve goals in a cost-effective manner.

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