Tech-savvy clients expect a modern and seamless omni-channel experience across traditional and digital channels.

The legal and regulatory environment is increasingly complex and Wealth Managers must ensure a compliant and yet compelling service in a cost-efficient manner. In addition, innovative Fintechs and Bigtechs are creating a whole new competitive environment.

All this results in new market dynamics and a profound disruption in the long run. Wealth Managers must embrace these challenges today to be ready for the future.


additiv positions itself as the catalyst for change through easy, quick and affordable digitalization. The core is the additiv Digital Finance Suite (DFS®), a business logic platform for orchestrating the value chain end to end.

With additiv DFS® Cloud, financial institutions can fully leverage the possibilities of cloud technology, as distributed processes and competencies can be integrated in real time without significant marginal costs.

The DFS® platform allows the financial service industry to deploy class-leading advisory, servicing and expert solutions in existing on-premise ecosystems.

“We offer digital wealth management-as-a-service today for the financial institutions of tomorrow.”

Hybrid Wealth Manager

Offers a set of applications to manage investment and client relationships, which enable a rich and seamless customer experience across all client touchpoints. It empowers users to manage their investments through an intuitive Client Cockpit or work with their advisors through the Mobile Advisor app, as well as giving advisors a comprehensive suite of service and productivity tools with the Workbench. This approach means that both clients and advisors can ensure an optimum, personalized level of service to meet their current needs, at all times.

Utilizing our cloud-based DFS® system of intelligence, the applications are available in just 3 months through our KickStarterTM implementation package.


Wealth Robo Advisor

Allows you to offer the same superior quality service as traditional advice with the efficiency of an automated approach offering self-service, remote chat with an advisor or via call-center, screen sharing and phone-in from anywhere, at anytime (24/7). This allows more clients to be reached for less without compromising relationships.

Now wealth management clients can easily invest lower value funds or decumulate their investible assets to support their instant or longer term financial plans


Expert Systems –
All information at your fingertips

Sophisticated investment portfolio analysis using network of instrument, market and risk data. Enable provision of tailored investment management and risk analysis services.


Product individualization through configuration

A differentiated value proposition supported by a true digital experience is key for Wealth Managers. All additiv software products offer a vast array of configuration possibilities to achieve an individualized experience with the following key configuration possibilities.

  • Look and feel
  • Functionalities
  • Business logics
  • Text and media
  • Number of languages

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