Bancassurance is dead. Long live bancassurance.

The big 1990s trend of bank and insurance product convergence didn’t last. Was it simply too early? Bancassurance is now back on the agenda. Aided by a rise in new platform business models, technology change and open banking, this time true opportunities can be realized.

The opportunity

Continuing to maintain lifestyles after retirement is a concern for many, but it doesn’t have to be.

The global pension shortfall

We’re living longer. As a result, the vast majority of our aging population fears they won’t have sufficient assets to meet their annuity payments following retirement.

USD 400 trillion

Projected global pension shortfall in 2050

(Source: World Economic Forum)

Bring wealth planning to all

There is a gap. Early planning and saving is essential for stress-free retirement, yet for the majority, the solutions and tools don’t exist.

Leveraging your position as an insurer

If you offer life insurance, you are already embedded within wealth planning user journeys. But there is a missed opportunity: retirement planning. By offering tools ranging from wealth accumulation to professional wealth decumulation after retirement, your clients can access easy, transparent and cost-efficient wealth planning.

Rapid, risk-free route into wealth management

Digital Wealth Management Pension Planning Software

“For our new business launch, we felt the right partner would have the entrepreneurial culture to be able to work fast and adaptably, balanced with deep experience of the asset management industry and the track record of having delivered dozens of successful bank projects before. That partner was additiv.”

Bernard El Hage, MD of Allianz Suisse

Digital Wealth Management Platform

How additiv helps

Our solutions combine traditional insurance products with wealth management to create seamless wealth planning client journeys.

Insurers can now access the wealth planning market with ease to drive wealth decumulation needs and acquire a new generation of clients.

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