In this age of change, you must go beyond digital, undertaking a fundamental rethink to deliver real client value. Digital isn’t just a new interaction channel; it goes much deeper.

Clients are now in control. To keep them you must offer the richest engagement levels over their preferred channels, educate them and help them to make smarter decisions, all while connecting them to the right external partners.

New business models
for digital wealth management

Personalize advice and portfolios

Ubiquitous information enables powerful insight.
Power to better understand, advise, optimize and adapt to your clients. To introduce the products they need, when they need them.

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Digital Wealth Management 1
Digital Wealth Management for Mass Affluent Middle East

Open up wealth management

Digitalization is fundamentally changing wealth management; no-longer limited to the super-rich, it can now be open to all.

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Digital Wealth Management for Mass Affluent Middle East

Bring wealth planning to all

If you offer life insurance, you are already embedded within wealth planning user journeys. But there is a missed opportunity: retirement planning. By offering tools ranging from wealth accumulation to professional wealth decumulation after retirement, your clients can access easy, transparent and cost-efficient wealth planning.

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Digital Wealth Management Pension Planning Software

Our solutions

Underpinned by additiv DFS® system of intelligence, we offer a range of pre-defined use cases for digital wealth management

Hybrid Wealth


offers the best possible experience whether in person, self-serve, or a hybrid of the two.

Wealth Robo


supports the end-to-end journey – onboarding to proposal – and a wide range of asset classes.

Wealth Solution Builder


enables bank IT teams to customize and build your own WealthTech functionality and end-to-end client journeys.

Digital Wealth Management

“Thanks to innovative financial software from additiv, our customers benefit from simple, user-friendly access to new services. Accounts can be opened simply in under 10 minutes, after which customers are free to manage their investments anywhere and anytime. This is an important step for PostFinance on its way to becoming a leader in digital investment management.”

Daniel Mewes,
Head of Investment Solutions at PostFinance AG

Wealth Management 2021 Predictions Report (5)

Wealth management 2021
Predictions Report

We asked the people shaping the wealth management industry to offer their predictions for the year ahead. This report captures the essential signals to observe and act on over the next 12 months.

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Wealth Management 2021 Predictions Report (5)
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We’re here to help

additiv is here to steer institutions through the digital wealth management transformation. We have the know-how having helped dozens of institutions to make this change.

And we have the technology. Our DFS System of Intelligence provides the agility to adapt to change and the insights to maximize customer engagement.

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