additiv DFS® system of intelligence is a uniquely different cloud-based orchestration engine. Built from the ground up to support a digital age banking architecture, our single platform has the agility to adapt to changing needs and the intelligence to deliver personalization, at scale. It’s an orchestration layer that sits between the customer channel and the core banking system.

Delivers seamless and engaging customer experience across channels

Empowers an end-to-end digital wealth management relationship

Acts as a hub for all system and data integrations and related analysis

Derives intelligence across multiple datasets – locational, contextual, market, transactional – to deliver the most relevant customer interaction

Embeds wealth management into third-party banking and even non-banking services, increasing distribution reach and end-consumer convenience

Most advanced technology

additiv DFS® is a cloud-native orchestration engine with the most advanced non-functional characteristics.


Information from multiple systems of record can be meshed together to derive the maximum intelligence for engagement and cross-selling


Omni-channel by design, an API integration layer means DFS® can interface into any customer user agent or third-party channel


The platform is microservices-based which allows for specialized use cases, fast experimentation and launch of new services


DFS®’s API-first architecture means minimal maintenance and change costs, while also removing logic from the channel and core banking system and associated costs


All data in DFS® is fully encrypted at rest and in transit. A sophisticated permissions system, plus multifactor authentication, minimize the risks


DFS®’s cloud platform is linearly scalable; supporting banks, wealth and asset managers’ portfolios of any size with the highest level of availability


All front- and middle-office wealth manager tasks can be managed, modelled and automated on one integrated platform in real-time; from CRM, communication, advise and portfolio management, to task management, document management and analytics is available on one, seamless integrated platform

“New possibilities, new business models”

Digitalization is a journey, not just a single project. Digitalizing your business model in stages make sense. But you need a unifying platform to underpin the full journey and realize all the possibilities. DFS® system of intelligence enables this by offering complete flexibility as your needs evolve; from expanding existing businesses to embedding your services anywhere and everywhere.

DFS® system of intelligence

Enabling business model innovation


Digitalization means running wealth management at lower marginal costs and at scale, opening up services to a broader client base


Digitalization also means that we know more than ever about customers, allowing us to personalize wealth management at scale

More choice

Another option is to leverage the position of trust and use the pull of an existing customer base to aggregate third-party services

Wealth management as-a-service

To achieve massive scale economies, the possibility exists to open up your platform to others to build, spreading the fixed costs of IT and compliance across many parties


Expand distribution by embedding services into third-party channels

Digital Wealth Management Platform

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