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additiv credit engine and the credit modules support various business in generating client value and increasing the value of our partners. Bellow, you find several use cases which we have realized or are currently evaluating in one or more credit market.

Credit brokers / intermediaries / real estate agencies

Intention is to improve client value by providing real-time, legally binding offers from multiple lenders. Moreover, we aim to reduce processing costs and increase speed by pushing up STP-rates.

Key advantages additiv credit:.

  • Ease of communication and interaction with lenders
  • Instant decision-making, ability to close the contract at the first meeting
  • Access to more lenders, increasing attractiveness for lenders
  • Fully digital workflow, no interactions with lender

Lenders / banks

Intention is to improve digital experience for clients. Often, banks like to pass on part of the new loans to other lenders with a more suitable balance sheet while keeping the client relationship. One key motive is to reduce processing costs and improve interaction with mortgage brokers.
We also realized solutions in which banks formed groups and together built up new mobile solutions to cater to new client groups.
Key advantages additiv credit:

  • Push credit journey to the next level
  • Pass on part of the credit while keeping relationship
  • Reduce processing costs
  • Form groups and attack new market segments

Telecommunication companies

Especially in emerging markets, Telcos play an important role in client identification, payment and cash loans. Our solutions can help to bring this business to a new level by seamlessly integrating new lenders and thereby increase availability of credit.
Key advantages additiv credit:

  • Increase customer lifetime value by improving client revenue and reduce client churn
  • Lending via third parties (banks), low capital investment
  • Fully digital workflow with virtually zero marginal costs, ability to lend to currently under- or un-served clients

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