Seamless multi-lender credit for cash-loans and mortgages

Demand for affordable credit is increasing. Clients ask for seamless, legally binding credit offers in a digital journey for both mortgage and consumer lending. Our solutions help to build new ecosystems combining new players and incumbents to offer combined customer journeys involving independent distribution units, Telcos, real estate valuation providers, scoring agencies, credit processors, collection agencies, banking and non-banking lenders.

The additiv platform supports the whole client journey from digital client onboarding, instant scoring and real-estate valuation, credit offers from multiple lenders based on their risk model, to the management of the loan and a prospective secondary market. All on one single platform with one back office, but integrated into a local credit market as well as seamlessly integrated into a core banking system.

Ready for the future with additiv Credit Engine and additiv credit modules

Additiv positions itself as the catalyst for change in the financial services industry through easy, quick and affordable digitalization. The new cloud-based offering allows banks, insurance companies and start-ups to deploy class-leading credit offerings – faster and more sustainably than anyone else.
Additiv offers additional modules like the Mortgage Module, Credit Exchange module and Group credit module. The solution can be linked to local lending ecosystems and interoperates seamlessly with all major core banking systems.

additiv Credit Engine – the Core

The core module Credit Engine enables instant credit and a workflow-based back office.


additiv Credit Exchange and Secondary Market Module

The Credit Exchange Module enables to instantly allocate loans to the most suitable balance sheet by using a sophisticated bidding and allocation rule. It also enables passing on the loans to third parties on a secondary market.


additiv Mortgage Module

The Mortgage Module extends loans to real estate financing. The module can be combined with any other module, thereby supporting multi lender use cases. The module enables real-time real estate valuation using APIs to market-specific real estate assessors.


additiv Group Credit Module

The Group Credit Module is tailored to the needs of emerging markets with a special focus on group lending.


additiv Digital Finance Suite

additiv Digital Finance Suite offers a modular software product architecture enabling our clients to run self-directed, hybrid or digitally augmented classical operating models. With DFaaS new strategic opportunities are now available for incumbent as well as new credit market participants.

additiv credit engine and the credit modules support various business in generating client value and increasing the value of our partners. Below, you find several use cases which we have realized or which we are currently evaluating in one or several credit markets.

Credit brokers / intermediaries / real estate agencies

Intention is to improve client value by providing real-time, legally binding offers from multiple lenders. Moreover, we aim to reduce processing costs and increase speed by pushing up STP-rates.

Key advantages

  • Ease of communication and interaction with lenders
  • Instant decision-making, ability to close the contract at the first meeting
  • Access to more lenders, increasing attractiveness for lenders
  • Fully digital workflow, no interactions with lender

Lenders / banks

Intention is to improve digital experience for clients. Often, banks like to pass on part of the new loans to other lenders with a more suitable balance sheet while keeping the client relationship. One key motive is to reduce processing costs and improve interaction with mortgage brokers. We also realized solutions in which banks formed groups and together built up new mobile solutions to cater to new client groups.

Key advantages

  • Push credit journey to the next level
  • Pass on part of the credit while keeping relationship
  • Reduce processing costs
  • Form groups and attack new market segments

Telecommunication companies

Especially in emerging markets, Telcos play an important role in client identification, payment and cash loans. Our solutions can help to bring this business to a new level by seamlessly integrating new lenders and thereby increase availability of credit.

Key advantages

  • Increase customer lifetime value by improving client revenue and reduce client churn
  • Lending via third parties (banks), low capital investment
  • Fully digital workflow with virtually zero marginal costs, ability to lend to currently under- or un-served clients

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