Established in 1998, additiv partners with the world’s leading financial institutions to help them capitalize on digitalization. Its market-leading DFS® (Digital Finance Suite) is an orchestration engine that lets financial institutions quickly launch new propositions as well as giving them the intelligence to maximize customer engagement. Headquartered in Zurich, additiv is supported by a broad ecosystem of implementation and solution partners that enable it to deliver unparalleled customer success to wealth managers and credit providers globally.

Our passionate team of Strategists, Product Managers, Technologists, Finance Experts and UX Designers shares a common ambition: Redesign and drive the future of financial services.

Our mission is to become the leading catalyst for change in the financial services industry driven by the new possibilities of digitalization.

Leading financial institutions around the globe – from international banks, insurance companies and asset managers to local retail banks, trading houses and innovative fintech scale-ups – are powered by our solutions.

“Be the leading catalyst for change in the financial services industry driven by the new possibilities of digitalization”

History and Heritage

additiv is a digital transformation think tank with highly skilled and experienced financial industry professionals. A passionate team of Strategists, Products Managers, Finance Experts, UX Designers and IT Experts share a common ambition: To shape the future of the financial industry.

Over a decade ago Michael Stemmle, founder and CEO of additiv, started to consult leading financial services companies with visionary foresight in the areas of omni-channel marketing and sales. He soon realized that adequate technology was not yet available to implement his innovative ideas and concepts.

Based upon his industry foresight and the right feeling what financial services companies would need for a successful future, Michael Stemmle decided to develop the required technology. With the launch of an omni-channel campaigning platform in 2005 applied in a project for a tier 1 bank the journey to become a leading technology provider for financial services began.