We enable financial institutions to offer their products to brands looking to provide wealth management services.
This massively extends their reach and addressable market.

Grow your addressable market

Through our orchestration platform, financial institutions connect their services to new distribution channels, opening up new routes to market and new customers. This enables them to expand product reach, drive greater market return and leverage economies of scale.

additiv-baas diagram
additiv-baas diagram

The benefits of utilizing BaaS

Boost sales and volumes

  • Reach an additional client base.
  • Reduce client acquisition costs.

Lower average costs

  • Utilize excess capacity efficiently.
  • Reduce costs through volume growth.

Grow profits

  • Achieve 3x higher Return on Equity (ROE).
  • Increase profit channels.
Embedded Finance Embedded Wealth diagram additiv

Embed into
context-relevant user journeys

With our platform, financial institutions can easily embed their products into existing user journeys.

By understanding customer context, our platform presents end-customers with relevant and personalized offers, at the right time and over the right channel.

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Embedded Finance Embedded Wealth diagram additiv
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