Credit Exchange AG (CredEx) as a new provider in the Swiss mortgage market aims to brokering mortgages between end customers and institutional lenders. Its founders are renowned companies such as telecom provider Swisscom, insurers Mobiliar and Vaudoise, Clientis Zürcher Regionalbank and the consultancy firm EY.

CredEx will offer a platform designed to link demand and supply for residential mortgages. Sales and distribution partners are such as banks, insurers and brokers. Via the platform, they can obtain offers from several lenders, who in turn are able to provide immediate credit approval based on the specific parameters that have been defined.

CredEx is primarily an exchange that acts as a broker. Therefore, CredEx itself will neither offer loans nor advice. In the first phase, the highly popular fixed-rate mortgages will be accessible, with around 80% of local borrowers opting for a mortgage with a fixed term.

The new offering is based on additiv’s Digital Finance Suite.