additiv has been nominated to present the future of Robo Advisory at Finovate Asia 2017 in Hong Kong at beginning of November. The focus was on the new Digital-Finance-as-a-Service offering.

additiv presented its Digital-Finance-as-a-Service product family which is cloud—based and was brought to market recently in the form of a Robo Advisor by ELVIA eInvest for Allianz Suisse and Werthstein. additiv’s proven Digital Finance Suite (DFS) continues to be the core that powers the firm’s products. Numerous financial services providers around the world are already using it which lead to a growing number of cloud installations, marking a milestone in the digitalization of the finance industry.

Digital-Finance-as-a-Service has countless advantages. Not only is it quick to implement, but the cost of ownership is significantly lower to traditional innovation projects. For many players, a new cloud-based product offering in form of a Robo Advisor constitutes the perfect entry into the digital business models. This can be viewed in our Finovate Asia presentation video.