With the help of unblu, financial services companies with digital offerings based on additiv DFS may now significantly enhance client experience and efficiency in sales and client service.

The customer-oriented services of unblu allow financial services providers to offer their customers the greatest possible and advanced service. Thanks to the co-browsing solution of unblu, customers can follow onboarding and sales processes directly and thus process cancellations are avoided. Thanks to the common view on the browser window, a simple and quick customer interaction is made possible.

All customers have to do is to start the integrated co-browsing window on the respective webpage. The customer receives by phone from the customer officer a PIN. After validation of the PIN, screens are shared and the consultant can guide the customer in person through the sales process. The customer satisfaction is growing and digital platforms are become more efficient.

unblu may be provided to clients based on additiv DFS with immediate effect.

About additiv DFS
additiv DFS (digital finance suite) is a leading platform for financial services. It interacts with each core system, focusing on the client-consultant interaction processes and extends processes from the core system via the advisor to the customer and back again. additiv DFS is modular and is adapted to the needs of each company. additiv was awarded the IT Innovation Award in 2012. additiv DFS offers the following tailored to the financial services company: Real-time credit decisions, real-time portfolio optimization, Digital Private Banking, Digital Retail Banking, tablet solutions for counseling, mobile customer on-boarding, cross-border research, document management, CRM, marketing and a publishing suite.

For further information, please contact:
Oliver Steeg
Business Development Schweiz, additiv
+41 44 405 60 70 & +41 78 748 25 78

About additiv
additiv is a leading supplier of digitization for banks, wealth managers, insurance companies and consumer finance organizations. With offices in Zurich and Singapore, it serves a global clientele.

additiv’s consultancy services includes: business development, digital ecosystem strategies, client-consultant interaction concepts, marketing, distribution and service engineering as well as performance monitoring.

Customized digital solutions involve all kinds of client-based interaction, real-time processes and cross-border solutions with a 360° customer’s eye-view. All innovations based on additiv’s DFS platform function with any type of core system.

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